Rejuvenate your hairs (Stem Cell + ATP 38)

Rejuvenate your hairs (Stem Cell + ATP 38)

The new medical revolution.

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ATP38 regenerative solution that provides hair rejuvenation. It is an amazing solution with a solution at the end of the process.

As people age, many find that hair grows at an alarmingly slower rate than it did in the past. Oil production of the skin slows down, contributing to dry and brittle hair. It becomes harder to manage, and it just doesn’t look as luscious and alive as it did even a couple of years ago.

Many people don’t realize that as soon as hair grows, it dies – making it essential to nourish your scalp and body with the right nutrients to keep hair looking and feeling healthy. Check out our list of hair issues below and see what you can do to prevent many of these hair problems.

Loss of color
Believe it or not, the color change in your hair may have more to do with an overflow of chemicals than aging. A buildup of hydrogen peroxide (by product of normal chemical reactions within the body) for example, impedes on your body’s ability to produce pigment. It accumulates within the hair follicles and leaves the organs unable to produce colorful hair strands. As you age, your body’s ability to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide greatly decreases, resulting in a disruption of melanin synthesis (natural color pigment). Researchers at New York University also found that sun damage causes melanin-producing stem cells to abandon post when exposed to UV rays.

Breakage and thinning
Although nutrition and genetics play a role in it, we inadvertently do many things to our hair that leads to breakage and eventual thinning. Hair treatments such as chemical dyes, bleaching, hot ironing, blow-drying, tanning, and perms can all do permanent damage to fine hair.


Over-brushing and styling hair will also leave both your hair and scalp unhappy. It’s important to replenish hair as much as it is utilized. Remember to be gentle with your hair. Let it air dry and don’t put too much tension on the scalp for too long to avoid this problem. Trim it often to prevent split ends and invest in a great organic shampoo and conditioner set.

Loss of hair
Hair loss is a very common problem that comes with age. It can occur due to use of over-the-counter medications, stress, lifestyle changes, hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, or just plain old genetics. You’ll be relieved to hear that not all hair loss is permanent. A dramatic change in lifestyle (such as stress, surgery, or diet), under or overactive thyroid, use of medication, chemotherapy, or even an iron deficiency can cause hair loss.


This is reversible by our treatments


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