Quantum medicine

Quantum medicine

Citycare use the French/Russian technology named: PHYSIOSCAN

Quantum medicine is used to treat pain and many health conditions where pharmacological therapy has been unsuccessful. It supports both cell-vitalization and cell metabolism by targeting ion transport. The entire metabolism is activated, the immune system stabilized and enhanced, and cell regeneration promoted, resulting in a strengthening of weakened body functions naturally. 

Quantum medicine research has produced over 200 scientific papers helping to establish user protocols. No harmful side effects have been noted to this day.

Quantum Medicine is thus scientifically proven. It is based on the controlled use of Quantum-Resonant fields. Specifically, and realizes a positive outcome by targeting the organism with the respective electromagnetic application fields. 

The medically accepted therapeutic effects of this are manifold. It reaches every part of the organism, even the smallest blood vessels are activated. In the body the bones are strengthened, the exchange of cellular nutritional and waste products is intensified, the reorganization of proteins is accelerated, and the bodies weak electromagnetic fields are strengthened and stabilized. Overall, the regeneration of cellular components is stimulated and the effectiveness of the immune system is increased. 

This is achieved by activation of cell metabolism. This alone brings about the transport of ions and Quantum medicine in particular of protons into and out of the cell. The patented process provides the cell with a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. It frees the cell from slags and toxins. 

Quantum medicine provides a significant increase of the oxygen in tissue and causes the transport of substances through solidified or weakened tissue structures. It supports the natural healing forces of the organism and helps to combat the causes of a disease without any side effects.


Physioscan offers the latest technology for a precise evaluation of the state of health of almost every aspect of the human body. It represents the most advanced analytical technology available in the 21st Century. Its technology is based on the theory of quantum physics that early signs of illness are detectable on a cellular level. With a global vision of human health, The PHYSIOSCAN™ device performs structural and functional tests on the body‘s different organs and tissues. It allows the therapist to evaluate the energetic and functional condition of over 320 organs, tissues, cells and cellular structures. It uses electromagnetic waves to identify cells and determine their health.

·      Energy scan
The physioscan enables a quick and accurate assessment of the energy level (degree of entropy) of different systems that determine the balance of the individual.

The energy assessment has the following functions:
- Assess body strengths and weaknesses
- Evaluate the capacity of different body functions
- Identify and target initial imbalances
- Check the revelance and/or efficacy of rebalancing the body

·    Vibratory harmonisation

The Physioscan harmonizes by using frequency information. This function is called "meta-resonance". It is performed through a headphone that targets a specific organ with a spectrum sound. This treatment provides the organ with self-regulatory information.

​The purpose of the "meta-resonance" is to send a vibratory impulse that will stimulate a self-regulation process and autopoiesis.

·     Scientific research

The Physioscan maintains a technological lead thanks to the work of an independant laboratory called LIBPCI (Investigation Laboratory for Bio-Psycho-Physical Informational fields)

Databases, the interface and the measurement procedures are regularly improved for the benefit of all users