Dr Gerald Tur

Dr Gerald Tur
  • Function CEO
  • Location INTERNAL

Dr Gerald Tur - CEO


  • Doctor of Osteopathy from National University of Medical Sciences – Registration S1702131.
  • Bachelor of science in Osteopahy from National University of Medical Sciences – Registration S1702131.
  • Certified from “Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society” – Registration 112460.
  • Acupuncturist – Certified by Chinese republic and signed by notary – Registration 140013.
  • Member of the International Osteopathic Association (IOA).
  • Official representative of Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada (OCPCC) in Phuket – Thailand.
  • Member of the Swiss Medical Register (RME) – Registration B330879.
  • Member of the Association of Swiss Health Insurances - Registration 6178.
  • Practice license by the Swiss Health Ministry - Registration 3982.
  • Certified in Chinese Pharmacology.
  • Certified in Chinese Psychiatric.
  • Certified in Chinese Nutrition.
  • Feng Shui Expert from Mastery School of Metaphysics.
  • Author of the method: “Reussite Illimitee”.


Language spoken : English - Thai - French - Spanish