Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance

HGH/HGG (Natural Bioactive Human Growth Hormone)

BioHGH consists with of vital growth factors and Molecules that are essential for promoting

Package : 10 vials (once a week)

Human growth and balancing health, including

-Natural Human Growth Hormone


-Insulin growth factor(IGF)

-Hepatocyte growth factor(HGF)

-Minerals and Vitamins

-Amino acids



-Increase calcium retention, strengthens and increase the mineralization of bone

-Increase muscle mass though sarcomere hypertrophy

-Promotes lipolysis

-Increase protein synthesis

-Stimulate the growth of all internal organs excluding the brain

-Play a role in homeostasis

-Reduce liver uptake of glucose

-Promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver

-Contributes to the maintenance and function of pancreatic islets

-Stimulates the immune system

-Increase deiodination of T4 to T3


Use: Subcutaneous injection, Intramuscular injection Age Group: Adult
Duration of Action: 6-12 months
HGH & HCG (10 vials) (HGH and/or HCG 

Procedure: Weekly treatment for (10) weeks
Procedure time: 15 minutes per treatment