ATP38 Therapy

ATP38 Therapy

The new medical revolution !

Only Citycare get this therapy in all over Thailand.


ATP38 regenerative solution that provides pain relief, reduces inflammation, speeds up wound healing (bone and gingival) and treats many diseases. The tissue bio stimulation technique involving the use of this device is called LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy).

The device functions according to the LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) principle and has 8 wavelengths. They are transmitted locally and captured by weakened cells. Penetrating in depth to the heart of the cells, the wavelengths stimulate them and accelerate their regeneration processes.

ATP38® is a tool that reduces and relieves pain, improves and accelerates healing, treats inflammation, relieves muscular tension and regenerates cells without side effects.

Photons were first used by NASA to accelerate the healing of astronauts’ wounds, and since then many clinical trials have proved their efficacy and safety. Thanks to these stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and curative properties, today they are applied in all areas of medicine.

The benefits of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum have been used for many centuries in the medical field.


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Brochure ATP38 (Medicine) – 1
Brochure ATP38 (Oncology) - 2
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